The purpose of Hardanger Fjord Free PhotoService is to promote national and international marketing of Hardanger as a travel destination. Downloading and use of photos is FREE for commercial tour operators, papers and magazines. Other parties will be invoiced NOK 585 pr. photo being used. Please forward publication and/or information of usage to Destination Hardanger Fjord AS, Hardanger Brygge, N-5600 Norheimsund. If not received max. 6 months after downloading we will invoice all downloaded photos.

Please contact Destination Hardanger Fjord if you have any doubt or questions on your use of this image bank.

The image files you download may only be used for the purposes you have specified in your order. Afterwards, the files must be deleted.

If you wish to use images for additional purposes, you must send a new order. The company or person who orders image files is responsible for satisfying the terms of use, and for controlling that our photographs are only used for the purposes specified in your order.

All photographs used must be credited in accordance to the information given in connection to each photograph. The name of the photographer and crediting required is displayed when you click on the small image. Such credit in our terms means a text as for example "Photo: Destination Hardanger Fjord / Photographer Per Eide". Breach of our terms will incur a penalty fee of NOK 2.000 per image used.